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Imagine the dwarves teasing you for being a short human. (around 5”1)

Written by me, requested by rynnwolfe.

You allowed yourself a small groan as you slumped to the forest floor after a long day of trekking across Eriador. Your feet were killing and all you really wanted to do was sprawl out next to the campfire and fall asleep in peace, but sadly the 13 dwarves you were travelling with would not allow you to do that. You felt an elbow in your ribs once you had gotten comfy and turned to confront your tormentor, only to be greeted by 2 hazelnut puppy dog eyes filled with hurt. You had gotten used to Kili’s innocent face, so his expression had no effect on you. Instead, you fixed him with your best ‘leave me alone’ glare, before turning back to stare into the flickering yellow flame. Again, an elbow made contact with your ribs, but you refused to acknowledge him for a second time, just wanting to be left to yourself.

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